Since it’s inception in 1979, the Downtown Truro Partnership has grown to encompass an expanded mandate and responsibility for an expanded physical area – the Urban Regional Core (URC). Originally named the Truro Development Corporation Limited, the DTP has represented the interests of the downtown business community and has evolved into the driving force behind many of the downtown development and promotional initiatives that take place throughout the year.  


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Get creative at the Clay Cafe Truro this weekend/ holiday Monday! ... See MoreSee Less

We are OPEN all weekend & Holiday Monday too! We've got lots of new stock including fun Halloween and Christmas items.

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Very interesting information from Eastern Tides Acupuncture. ... See MoreSee Less

Point of the day~ Yintang: The Third Eye Point Acupuncture has been found to be helpful with all types of emotional and mental disorders, from stress and anxiety to schizophrenia. Often used for such treatments is Yintang, a point located between the eyebrows – sometimes referred to as "the third eye." The Chinese translation for the acupuncture point, Yintang, is "hall of impression". "Hall" is defined as a corridor or passageway, or the large entrance room of a house. An "impression" is defined as a strong effect produced on the intellect, emotions, or conscience. Thus, Yintang is the entrance or passageway to the mind. "Hall of impression" is an appropriate name for this powerful point, which is used to calm the mind, enhance one's ability to focus, so other emotions, promote sleep, and relieve depression.

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